3D consultation

See the difference

With Crisalix’s 3D imaging technology, you can see how you would look post procedure in 3D. In a matter of seconds, your after image will be generated and you will be able to make the amendments that you desire.

Step 1: Take photos

Take 3 pictures of your face, breast or body with a mobile phone or camera, or ask a friend to do so. Then securely upload them to your Crisalix account.

Step2: Simulate

Sign in and visualize your face, breast or body in 3D. You will have access to the most advanced features to simulate all sorts of procedures for you.

Step 3: Review

Get a consultation booked in with Mr Kumar and his team at Uniq. The simulation can help the discussion about your aspirations and help determine what can be safely achieved.
Get in contact with the Bookings Team at Uniq to make and appointment and discuss your 3D simulation