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Bespoke surgical and non-surgical treatments for your skin, body and wellbeing. Mr Kumar provides clinics in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.


Visualize the results of your treatment in 3D using AI Technology

We use Crisalix Artificial Intelligence software to generate post-treatment 3D simulations of your own face and body. Now there is no need to imagine what the possible results of your surgery are as you will be able to see them for yourself on-screen and have access to these simulations on your own smartphone or home computer.

You simply take 3 photos of how you look now, upload these and in a matter of seconds your post treatment simulation will be generated. The software allows you to make amendments that you desire allowing you to communicate your exact requirements to the Uniq Team. Learn More

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Why choose Uniq?

Founded by Plastic surgeon Mr Siva Kumar, our aim is to provide bespoke combination surgical and non-surgical treatments for your skin, body and wellbeing using safe, modern and innovative techniques. We are dedicated to achieving the highest standards of care and best possible results. Using experience gained in the industry from 2007 to now, Mr Kumar has found safe but highly effective combination treatments for the face and body giving superior results to using traditional surgery alone.

We take are committed to providing comprehensive aftercare support with a team of specialist cosmetic nurses in our facilities and regular checks with Mr Kumar.

Uniq operates out of CQC rated facilities and fully compliant with all UK regulations ensuring you are safe and well looked after throughout your treatment journey. Uniq is based out of facilities in London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

We accept all major insurance companies

We accept all major insurance companies